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At Skyhawk Therapeutics we use proprietary structural, kinetic, and computational models to invent small molecules that modify RNA expression, targeting some of the world's most intractable diseases

SKYHAWK invents novel therapies that harness the body’s immune system, for vastly improved Patient Outcomes.

In collaboration with BMS, Genentech and Merck, our novel SKYSTAR® platform have generated 8 Drug Candidates that have been handed off to partners.

Small Molecules that Modify RNA Expression


Bill Haney adds another $133M to Skyhawk’s coffers

Skyhawk Announces Collaboration Agreement
with Sanofi


Drugging RNA with Pills : Small Molecules for a Big Frontier


Skyhawk News

Skyhawk Receives HREC Approval for a Phase 1 Study of its SKY-0515 RNA-Targeting Small

SKY-0515 is a small molecule RNA splicing modifier developed through the company’s novel SKYSTAR® platform. SKY-0515’s Phase 1 study will include healthy volunteers before targeting Huntington’s patients. Huntington’s disease is a fatal neurological disease with no curative therapies.

Our Collaborations

SKYHAWK is a distinctively effective pharma partner.

Skyhawk rapidly develops drugs with our pharma partners, in expanding fields from oncology, to immunology, neuromuscular disease, virology, and beyond.


Our Platform


Proprietary Platform

Skyhawk is a clinical-stage biotech that has developed a deep portfolio of drugs built on our unique platform: small molecule therapeutics for alternative modulation of RNA (“SKY-0515s”) lead drugs in the clinic with encouraging results. 


Growing the
Pipeline for Patients

In addition to a set of advanced programs in the clinic or handed off to our pharma partners, Skyhawk is developing treatments across a broad range of fields, including autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, fibrosis, neurology, infectious disease, and oncology.

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DRAGONFLY's pipeline is rapidly growing in a number of
therapeutic areas of critical patient need.

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